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Rustic and elegant, private and friendly, immaculate and well appointed, self-catering or serviced on request, understated elegance throughout. The perfect location to spend your holiday, host your events and base to visit the surrounding area. That’s why visitors return time after time

Any resort can promise to personalize your stay but we go above and beyond with our staff, our concierge and maker of memories.
Skip the big hotel experience and savor the authenticity and genuine warmth of River Cross Resort. You’ll never regret such for of experience!
As a family-owned and operated beach resort, we know a thing or two about family traditions. Together we can make River Cross Resort a cherished place for family vacation tradition, beginning with a welcome hug on every return.
From resort architecture and colorful artwork and murals by local artists to tropical, full-of-flavor cuisine and truly immersive cultural experiences, River Cross Resort serves up a visit that can only be described as purely, passionately Venda Bahamian.

why choose our resort

There are dozens of things you'll adore about our one-of-a-kind resort retreat (the staff! the service! the setting!) but we'll make this easy with our "Top Reasons" to plan a visit at River Cross  Resort. Which one is your favorite?:Good and enough parking and security, Competitive pricing, Well-maintained pools and lapas, cleanest environment for visit and host events

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Muledane(Thohoyandou), Block j, Opposite Sam Mavhina Seconday School